Donald Inostroza, new CTO at Eskuad: “My gold is to make our technology scalable globally”

Donald Inostroza is a computer engineer from Universidad de Concepción. The 34-year-old man has developed professionally in startups and big companies and, since September 2021 is the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Eskuad.

Donald Inosotroza, CTO at Eskuad Inc.

His experience in companies such as Globant has led him to work directly on customer service applications with a focus on user experience and service facilitation. Companies of education and provision of information to parents and guardians, solving problems and in permanent optimization of the service. Applications that allow quick and easy access to the information and/or desired processes, all focused on the best user experience and service improvement.

Among his personal achievements, the experience resulting from his position as Android Developer in a Digital Transformation project at Banco BCI stands out; this allowed him to make large contributions, among them, the improvement in money transfer optimization is the highlight. “The data entry system is very cumbersome, and what we did was to understand that the data that was stored on the device’s clipboard could be a new receiver and offer the user an immediate transfer. This greatly improved the experience and time invested in this, which went from an average of 8 minutes to two and a fraction”.

To join Eskuad, many things caught his attention. “The idea itself seems to me objectively very attractive and focused. It is not the first time that I have been offered to go to a startup and it seems to me that there is really a value here. Another point is that with Max we are connected on social media. I have been following the progress and achievements they have had for a long time”.

Donald, in his student days, was part of the startup Plan Control, an application that showed the Telecommunications company behind the cellphone number that was being called and, in addition, recommend the optimal plan for the user according to their use of the mobile phone. That startup failed to continue climbing, “I was left with the bug of being in a startup. But now, after a long return, bringing this experience and knowing how things work in medium-sized companies, large organizations and startups, it strikes me to apply this knowledge”, says Donald.

“I would like to develop a structure that allows us to grow exponentially and worldwide. There is a search for important knowledge in the conversation, to understand, solve the problems and make everything as good as possible. I want to learn how to lead a world-class team. Learn, improve, advance, climb”.

Eskuad, a Techstars backed Company, lets natural resources companies have better visibility into their operations by helping them streamline data collection.