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I’m finishing my major at the university and it was a real challenge. It’s a big automation project at the company. I’m not a qualified professional yet and I had an excellent experience with Eskuad, so I feel backed up. I’m working with a company that gives me confidence that it will deliver a good product.

Sometimes we should consider seriously that the working experience starts to forge way before graduating college. Working, even in areas that have nothing to do with our major’s field of study, helps us know different working environments, solve problems and have an idea of what it means to work with people that you don’t know. Within these environments, it is not difficult to identify little improvement opportunities, elements that could save time and, over all, improve the productive processes.

Something quite like it is Ignacio Duran’s case, a projects engineer candidate at the Marine Services company, Badinotti. All across the summer 2020 he interned at the organization, and realized that they had problems with the input of information.

“We work with embarked people that stay 25 days in places where the internet and phone signal is weak and they need to fill forms, fuel logs, dive logs, and they come down with a huge folder filled with files”

When you realize that your problem is that you don’t know how to solve the problem you have, things can get uphill. Ignacio had a contact with an Eskuad’s user from a Forestry Services organization, and Eureka! He decided to ask for a demo, which wasn’t difficult to get and start an effective communication with Eskuad’s squad. Explaining the problem was easy, and in consequence, he received a demo in just one day, he presented it to his bosses and made them happy.

“It was what we needed in order to get the information to the office, and the company was super good!”

As a company, we know how important it is to hear our clients and know exactly what problems they have, especially in environments where the internet service is unreliable for sending information. When we say that we are “Field Specialists”, it means that we try to be experts at hearing the problem, but also with going to the field where the users operate and to know what the field operator needs. It is the mix between the operator’s needs and the executives at the office’s that allow us to understand deeply the problem and deliver a solution that simplifies and shortens the process for all the involved parties.

Badinotti’s ship at a dock in Chile

Of course, not everything can be that easy. Adapting to the changes imposed is not always well received by the workers because, let’s be honest, sometimes the solution for the executives at the office means some serious problems for the field operators.

Despite that, Ignacio tells us: “in the beginning it was a little difficult because our people are old (…) Currently we have been working for 5 months with Eskuad and we haven’t had any problems. The app’s adoption is increasing and the users use it everyday. Is an application that we feel is custom designed for every company and for us is super patterned because it starts with the place where the operators performed their tasks, what they did there, adding if they went to some other place. As one uses it, it becomes easier and easier, it is very logical”

We have to think about the different audiences. One thing is that the field operators that live with the problem on the field, whatever it is, they are the ones on the field, and other is that a digital solution is not always easy to use.

“We are old, this is not for us”, some may say. “This should be used by the new ones, we know how to use our system”

The words from Ignacio are especially important in this part, because, despite a lot of times there is resistance to change, it is vital for the correct operation of a system that users feel listened and validated, part of the process and, above all, make them feel that the changes are intended to make their work life easier and that they really are.

There will always be things to improve. Little changes, requests for the report to have a particular feature, easier and/or faster upload/download, and so on. But this is part of our method, to be by our client’s side to deliver a solution with the quality they need.

“I’m very happy with the product Eskuad delivers, you don’t sell smoke and mirrors. What you offer is what you deliver. My two supervisors are very happy because every week you deliver improvements, and always surprise us with something new. I share information with Jaime (a manager at Eskuad), I explain what this information is, and they develop and improve the solution which is everytime a better product”

And, precisely, that is when we achieve our goal.

In the words of Bill Hewlett and David Packard:

“The customer defines a job well done”.

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